Annapurna Region

 Annapurna ( 8091m/26547ft)  is  the  first  eight thousand metre peak to be  climbded. The story of the first ascent remains one of  the  most gripping and  distrubing in Himalayan literature.


The  french  team  made  the flanks of  Dhaulagiri,  but  they  decided  to turn theie attentions to Annapurna  .The  map were  Wrong ,  and  the scouts looking  at the northern approaches crossed the  west and  east. luck was  with them , and  almost immediatly they found the  only best way into the mirist khola,  North Annapurna  Glacier , that  proviked lionel, Terray to  write  such a  fantastic  stroke that it seemed  impossible. that she would abandon us  again.

 He  was not fully right,  although Fortune did  favour  the French as far as the summit.   in the  morning 3   june Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal, climbing  without  oxygen, reached the  summit eight hours. 


So  nowdays Annapurna Region trek  is  most  famous  trekking Destination in the  Lonely  planet Every year .