Terms and Conditions

It is necessary to read the terms and condition before booking any trips with Ascent Holidays.

The Contract

The Booking Condition forms a legal binding contract between the client and Ascent Holidays for the services provided. It clarifies the details that are included in the trip and those that are not included. It also makes the refundable and non-refundable costs clear and understood.


You are requested to deposit 30% of the total amount  before your arrival as a trip confirmation and the remaining amount can be paid upon your arrival in Kathmandu.


If you cancel your trip due to inevitable situation, Ascent Holidays will refund 10 percent of the total money.


You have to make your own insurance. We do recommend that you have insurance.  If you do, it includes all the cost of care and rescue transportation, which is quite costly. It is very helpful if you would like to travel confidently, allowing you to enjoy such activities to their full potential.

Flight Cancellation

During the trip, the flights can be delayed or cancelled due to the bad weather or any case that is beyond our control. If it happens, you are responsible for your accommodation and food costs for the extra days. Ascent Holidays assumes no responsibility or liability for any change or modifications due to factors beyond our control.

Risk Assumption

The travelers assume the risks associated with the journey in respects to personal injury, illness, and death.

Disclosure of Client’s Health

Any client with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare the true nature of the condition at the time of booking along with a medical statement from a physician confirming that they are fit to travel and undertake the given tour with Ascent Holidays.


Ascent Holidays and the providers of the services delivered will consider any complaint whereby written note is given to us within 15 days of the end of the activity.